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salmon roll

I'm going through some serious LA food withdrawals and these photos are not helping. Right before I left I finally got to try this little place in the valley called The Open Door in Monterey Park. We tried to go here the last time I was down but the place was so crowded that the wait would have been an hour! This time around we got here right when it opened and easily got a seat. 5-7 also happens to be their happy hour!! I wish I could describe how delicious everything was but all I can really do is show these photos and leave it to your imaginations. The highlights were definitely the salmon sashimi with a garlic citrus soy sauce and the, wait for it, TRUFFLE BUTTER edamame!

If you're in the area, go to The Open Door for dinner! Even with a carafe of peach Chu-Hi it only came out to around $16 per person plus tip and tax. It's definitely not your traditional sushi place but worth a try if you're curious. The people there are extremely nice and the chef is super friendly!

happy hour


salmon sashimi with garlic citrus soy

truffle butter edamame

chicken karaage


I just wanted to send a BIG thanks to Jessica Frandson founder of Twistband for sending this pack of colorful twistbands my way. It was SUPER nice to open the box and also see all the colorful gumballs, nice touch! I'm chewing one right now! For those of you who haven't heard of Twistband, they are ponybands and headbands made of elastic trim. 

They are stretchy and support any hairstyle, yet they are slim & sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you want to let your hair down.  I wore one to my Yoga class today & I loved it!  If you're still wearing those AWFUL scrunchies, go to Jessica's site & get some of these instead.

images by jen ramos

Hello everyone! Looks like the weekend is quickly we can all relax a bit. It's been so WINDY here in LAS VEGAS, and really difficult to open your eyes outside without getting dust flying in it!   

Is the weather just as CRAZY in your part of town?? 

On another note, Jessica Seaton is one of my newest designer favorites! I find her jewelry so intriguing & eye-catching! It's a type of jewelry that is one-of-a kind and you won't see plastered everywhere. My fave is the deer antler knuckle ring. I know it looks like it can POKE your eye out, but come on, it's not meant to be worn every day or while you're asleep!  Fashion is supposed to be fun & interesting...and Jessica's jewelry is just that. You can find her unique pieces at Free People.

Women's fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Women's fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Women's fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Women's fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Women's fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Since I wrote last, we have continued our road trip around North America, exploring Dallas through to Orlando, and all that's in between. Some highlights: Dallas was a great shopping spot and Memphis had an amazing nightlife, as did the home of country music - Nashville. We enjoyed some Southern hospitality, honky tonk, food, and even some Moonshine. We arrived in Orlando yesterday, and today spent some time exploring Disneyland (which left me somewhat underwhelmed). Tomorrow we are on the road again to visit Miami, where we plan to soak up the sun.

I'm wearing:
Silk playsuit, picked up in San Francisco


P.S. I was thrilled to receive an email from Tangent Magazine, letting me know that they had included an interview with me in their latest edition - check it out .



...and in with 2010!

I always forget that I just started my blog in April, feels like much longer. I just checked my site tracker (which I totally forgot I had installed) and found that I have already surpassed half a million visits! A big thanks to everyone who made this possible. I may be a terribly bad blogger but you guys have stuck with me all this time despite my shortcomings. I promise that from here things will only get better since I can genuinely say that I'm really into blogging. It took a while but I found my niche and will continue to explore it and hope that you guys stick around for another year!

2009 started out horribly but became much better almost instantly two months in. BF and I finally started dating (after what, a year and a half of mutual crushes?) and I developed a solid group of friends. I gained ten pounds but found someone who will take me out on food adventures, so I guess it's a good thing? I'm sitting here trying to figure out what else there is to note about 2009 but most of the things I can think of are weird and Pika-related. I try to keep it to a minimum on the blog but I really am a strange person and I'm glad I don't really have to hide it IRL since BF is equally weird and odd. Oh yeah, did I ever mention that BF = his initials? I guess it works both ways.

Things to look forward to in 2010: more consistent blog posts, graduation, and, erm... joining the workforce. I'm excited about that last one only because I'll finally be done with school but it still scares the shit out of me to think that I'll be there in just a couple months. Well, in any case, 2010 sounds like it will be an interesting year and we'll see where I'll be by the end of it :)

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A favourite trend of mine at the moment is layers which are a perfect in-between season outfit option.

My tip – to avoid looking stumpy try and choose a ‘base layer’ (the white in my case) that is quite fitted, avoiding A-lines and team with ankle boots or heels.

Also think about colours, fabric and length when choosing your layers. If you are tall you can afford to go for longer layers, if you are short try and stick to layers that sit above the knee. Avoid anything too thick as this will only add bulk to your frame.

Sticking to simple black, grey and white and accessorising with colour creates a chic yet bold statement look. Teaming with a belt defines and highlights the waist creating a more tailored look instantly.

This is a really simple outfit that cost only $60.


eyelet dress c/o White Crow Boutique, Amper Tote c/o One Language, Rachel Comey boots, Ray Ban wayfarers

If anyone needed a clearer example of how bipolar the weather is here in San Francisco, just look at my blog. A couple posts ago I was baring my legs at the beginning of the month then as the weeks progressed the weather got worse with a few nice days here and there. It's kind of hard to believe that in my last post less than a week ago I was wearing a heavy coat and oversized scarf when I post pictures from the beach like these! I had been wearing a different outfit earlier during a job interview and was sweating profusely in pants and a trench by the time I met up with Megan to enjoy the weather at the beach. I know 75 degrees isn't exactly burning hot (especially compared to the weather in LA, where I hear it almost reached 90) but here that's totally acceptable as beach weather. For further proof, refer to this post from last summer when Brent and I tried to have a picnic in this same location. Thanks, San Francisco!


There were people around us in bikinis and beach wear but I'm not really into that so I just wore a simple dress and threw on an H&M cardigan when it was finally chilly around 7. Can you guess where we went to pick up food for a beach picnic? Look, I'm all for eating at amazing restaurants around the city (last night Brent and I went to Frances for our two year anniversary, totally deserved their Michelin star!) but sometimes you just really want Taco Bell. How can you go wrong at a place with a 99 cent burrito that has Fritos in it and has Mountain Dew as a fountain option? Seriously, you guys.

Taco Bell

And just for a little added bonus, here's a quick peek inside my bag. My red Millimeter Milligram is from Rare Device (they no longer stock it unfortunately), mini campus notebook is from a store in Japantown, make up bag is Fog Linen from Atomic Garden in Oakland, and I'm sure I don't have to list where everything else is from... one of these days I'll try to empty it out and show everything neatly organized.

totes and boots

By the way, I updated/reopened my shop blog with new things and deleted what was sold...

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